Monday, January 10, 2011

Why "Free Feri"?

The Empress, by Rangel
We wish to liberate Feri from the bondage of singular definitions, marketing strategies, and monolithic voices. We are a diverse group who feel obligated to point out that Faery (Witchcraft) was never meant to be sold, and that according to ancestral wisdom attempts to dig greedily into the Faery mound typically do not go well.

Our tradition has been known by many names over the years, including Vicia, Fairy, Faery, Kruithin, and Feri. Some are references to our status as "Old Religion;" others refer to the Otherworld and its denizens. "Feri" connotes "feral" (as in wild), "ferrous" (as in Iron), and "-fer" (as in bearer). Unfortunately the latter spelling has become associated with a mass-produced version of our teachings...complete with t-shirts, coffee mugs, "blue fire" thongs, and seminars. We prefer that the high tide of faddish interest in Feri as the "trad du jour" pass us by, and we wait patiently for it to recede. Meanwhile we wish to re-emphasize our associations with the Stillevolk, the Silent People. But we remember all our names.

Our kin and kith are those initiates who adhere to the Old Ways and their students. They believe that oaths are not for breaking. That secrets should be kept that way. That the names of other initiates should never be outed. They are the ones that respect the opinions and writings of their Craft brothers and sisters. They believe that you should thoroughly vet and know your students- for years- in real world situations before teaching, Empowering, or Initiating them.

The Faery tradition as we were taught it and still practice derives much of its power through the ligature of Keeping Silent, that is, in secrecy. It is a vessel with strong walls, a fortress of iron to hold safe to the Mysteries in mortal realm; the utterance of these Mysteries outside of the properly prepared Circle not only dilutes their meaning and power, but attracts the attention of hungry ghosts.

We do not recognize any living Grandmaster, nor any titles used as advertising copy.