Feri for Sale?

One might think, based on a cursory web search, that Feri is a mass-market phenomenon, complete with t-shirts, coffee mugs, and correspondence courses.

This is an illusion created by relentless (and, admittedly, pretty clever) internet marketing.  The tradition is actually quite small...less than three hundred initiates...and while it has historically been quite influential in the larger Pagan world far out of proportion to its numbers, this is not the kind of influence and visibility most Feri initiates have ever sought.

The fact is, less than five percent of Feri initiates adhere to the public and/or teaching for pay model, or ever have.  Their visibility is far out of proportion to their numbers. In that much at least, the public Feri initiates share the typical characteristics of Feri.  But Feri/Faery is like an iceberg; 90% is below the surface.  What you see here is not what we are.

There are those in the minority (in public Feri) who will argue that Victor and Cora would want them to do what they are doing. But if we look at what what they said and wrote in their lives, we know that this is an elaborate fiction. Victor and Cora knew first hand that the public demonizes the Craft and it is best to keep silent and do our work in the world quietly.

Feri/Faery has been commodified for mass consumption because the actions of a few reckless and irresponsible initiates who both created the goods and also taught hundreds of students who were given the tacit go-ahead to create their own through DIY sites like cafepress and zazzle. Seriously- how many thongs, teddy bears, planchettes, and mugs does one need? While we know that the Mysteries cannot be bought nor sold- that hasn't seemed to stop certain Feri capitalists from trying.