Public websites for a secret Mystery Tradition? Yes.

While this is not a desired thing, we felt the need to let the world know that there has been a split in the Feri tradition. These sites only exist to give notice about the split, they do not exist to provide access to lore or teaching. You will not know our Craft unless we show you the opening to the Mound.

The vast majority of initiates do not have public personas, take money for teaching or goods, or teach masses of students in classes or online. In fact, only 5% of Feri initiates do that. The rest are not so pleased with that vocal minority, and it has been a source of contention for years now. Rather than continue to fight, we now acknowledge that a split has happened- "public Feri" split off from this Mystery tradition a while back. We have decided to let them keep the spelling Feri, which they have essentially used as advertising copy for years now. We are Old Craft and can wait patiently until the fad is over to answer to that name again.

Here are sites by other Faery initiates who have split off from public Feri:

Faery Tradition

Faery Roads

More to come, we are sure!