Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Big Deal, This Has Happened Before"

There have been sentiments expressed recently (particularly by students, who we must assume have been told this by their (public) teachers) that this split is no big deal, because "this has happened before".

WRONG. In the past, Feri has had offshoots, yes. Those are quite different from a split. Reclaiming, Third Road, and more recently, Morningstar, are all examples of this trend. But there is a huge difference between an initiate deciding to create a new Path (with different initiations and lore) and what has happened with the Feri/Faery split. In the first two cases, Victor urged the initiates in question to forge a new Path for themselves and others. In the latter case, there was also a specific decision on the part of that initiate to stop teaching Feri and focus on a new tradition.

We have also heard that because there was an particular initiate "exiled" for a period of time, left without community and tribe, and that this was also defined by public Feri as a "split". That initiate was left on his own, without others. This is not the same thing- to equate the two is historical revisionism.

In this case, the tradition has literally split- there is a faction of initiates (not a single person) from five separate lines of Faery/Feri, who have decided that the handful of folks who created Feri as a public religion for the masses had split off from the rest of the Mystery Tradition almost a decade ago (without the vast majority of the tradition's consent), and the fork in the road has been diverging further and further afield ever since.

Are you understanding the difference? An individual forging a new path is not a "split". This is. The tradition has been twained-it was an act of Will and an act of Love. A "split" like this in actuality, has NEVER happened before (since Victor made Feri/Faery known and started initiating people into it). These actions have a profound impact and effects on the tradition(s) as a whole.

To deny the importance of this action that is most likely for PR or political expedience. I would question anyone's motives who tell you otherwise.