Tuesday, February 15, 2011

About the series

As I said, I intend to write about the instances of plagiarism of which I am aware. It's entirely possible there are more than I know. If you have documented evidence of such, please let me know.

Additionally, if you have evidence of the same nature (e-mails and documents with date stamps, published material, or statements by two or more people with direct knowledge, etc.) to refute anything I have written here, I will post either the counter-evidence or (if sufficiently convincing) a retraction. You need not agree to have the entire document posted here, but I do need to see it and possibly quote it. Bald assertions by a single individual, or one without direct knowledge, are not enough.

You can reach me at siblingsofthecraft at gmail dot com. WARNING: Your communications with me there are not private. I will absolutely respect reasonable requests for confidentiality, BUT you must request it in so many words; any hostile or threatening material especially is likely to be reprinted here or elsewhere with your name attached. Your choice to e-mail me is a demonstration that you understand and accept that.